About Us

In the workshop in Rosh Pina, we produce

handmade soaps from carefully chosen natural

The soaps are formulated according to formulas

that will give the skin the treatment for his special

needs. It is important to note that we do not use

synthetics or preservatives materials at all.

We produce the soaps in small quantities to ensure
The quality of the soap, as well as its appearance.

The soaps are based on pure olive oil, organic goats' milk from a local farm, spring water, various kinds of vegetable butter,
Organic herbs collected from the garden, oils, honey, oats and other natural wonders.
Combining all of these together gives the soap healing, nourishing, skin care and, and of course - pleasure.

The delicacy of olive oil and its ability to protect the skin makes the soap wonderful to use. The daily use of the plant butter increases the foam and gives the skin moisture and softness.
The goat milk enriches the skin with moisture, contains vitamins, proteins, minerals, beta carotene - ingredients that help improve skin appearance, healing and tissue fusion. In addition, it helps balance skin acidity and acts as a peeling by shedding dead cells - which causes skin regeneration. Reduces wrinkles and heals infections and inflammations. Excellent for psoriasis and eczema.

You will find soaps to nourish and maintain skin elasticity, and soaps that treat a variety of problems: psoriasis, acne, eczema, irritation, dryness and oilyness, while enjoying a variety of soaps based on various vegetable oils with refreshing odors.

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